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About Me

My name is Tomasz, since 2016 I am an student of technical school Jan III Sobieski on the information technology profile. I've always liked technical activities that allowed me to create something myself, I learned programming at the beginning of the school from creating websites and simple games based on JavaScript. Thanks to the skills acquired while learning this language, I could easily transfer to other languages such as Java, C#, C++, Python, PHP and use them for subsequent projects, which I set myself as goals. I am currently developing my knowledge of these languages and some of their frameworks.

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Programming is my passion and I would like it to be my job in the future. However, this is not the only thing that interests me. I like science, especially physics, because I do not like it when I do not understand the reality that surrounds me ... it's frustrating. I practice in my free time. I run (even marathon), go to the gym or train kyokushin karate. I play the guitar and along with scouts I roam around the mountains, visit the surrounding forests, meadows and interesting, often forgotten places. I am an altar boy in a church, where together with a guardian priest we have created a special system for altar boys. I work with youth teaching them programming in my school.

ZSZ The Game

A mocking game about my school made in the style of Low Poly using the Unity3D engine. This is a proprietary idea developed during the summer as part of learning programming in C#, creating three-dimensional models and animations.


Electronic system of verification of the presence of altar boys in the parish, made as a variety of the ministry, which includes a website with its own CMS, a mobile application and a scanner based on Raspberry Pi Zero and Python.

Carrot Garden

The first Idle Clicker game for mobile devices made in Unity. It allowed me to familiarize with the operate of the Google Play Console and how to implement advertising networks for my products.

Complying with the current HTML5 standards and using its advantages allows me to build websites.
Using the latest CSS3 entities like Flexbox, Grid supported by SASS allow me to create fantastic design.
Pure JavaScript, Jquery and many freamworks allowed me to start programming a few years ago.
Creating a website's design is a very pleasant activity, but creating the back-end gives me the most pleasure.
Writing an application on android, and in particular simple games gives a lot of fun in boring lessons :P
Java, which is probably my favorite language, allows me to create applications on many platforms.
Learning Python together with C language enabled me to control single boards like Arduino or Raspberry.
Wordpress allows me to speed up the process of creating pages, and allows their simple management.