Hi. My name is Tomasz Kisiel and I am mainly a Web Developer with mobile and wordpress skills.

Hi. My name is Tomasz Kisiel and I am mainly a Web Developer with mobile and wordpress skills.

Tomasz Kisiel


I’m a full stack web developer specialised in frontend and backend development for complex scalable web apps based on Laravel and React freamwork. Check out my project #portfolio and #resume.



Using the latest HTML5 capabilities like semantic tags, WebForms or Audio & Video as well as new properties or CSS layouts like grid or flexbox allow me to create reliable pages tailored to every situation.

JavaScript & React

To create user-friendly and intuitive applications, I use the Node environment and numerous libraries it provides. However, when the need arises I am not afraid to create something new using VanilaJS.

PHP & Laravel

Using PHP and the Laravel framework, I can easily create a application backend side, which communicate with databases, and share resources with my external applications using the REST API.

Java & Kotlin

Although my main interest is creating interactive websites, I also have basic mobile programming skills, which allows me to create applications and games for mobile devices.

WordPress & WooCommerce

To create simple business pages or stores I use WordPress CMS with WooCommerce, which allows you to simplify website management.


When it comes to data storage, I choose relational databases like MySQL, which allow you to maintain relationships between data in a simple and transparent way.

Featured Projects

I always try to make my projects make life easier for the target group or to be a form of entertainment or education for others. I like to share my knowledge and create small and large projects with other people from whom I can learn. I am not afraid of new challenges and I always try to create something interesting. You can see my biggest projects below to see more of my work check my profile on GitHub.

Contact me

If you want to contact me you can fill in the contact form, send me an email or find me on social media.

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